Turns Out I Don’t Have the Friendless Gene


Read that again. It packs a lot of power in 16 rather simple words, doesn’t it? How often though do we find ourselves trying to go it alone. Trying to be strong. Trying to look like we have it all figured out. Or have it all together. Or know what the heck we’re doing. Or we tell ourselves we should have it all figured out or know what the heck we’re doing, because after all, we reason, we must be really messed up if we don’t have it all figured out or can’t go it alone or can’t put on the image of being strong.






5 thoughts on “Turns Out I Don’t Have the Friendless Gene

  1. Roberta Cordell

    Well written, as I was reading I kept thinking of that old hymn…My Best Friend Is Jesus. Thanks for sharin

  2. Chris

    Hi Leslie
    I am so glad you have had time to reflect and let God heal your heart. As we walk through difficult seasons, our friends look different to us-some fade, some remain strong, but we are seldom as alone as we think we are-and I fear, when we really feel alone, we are way too focused on ourselves-BTDT!!!!
    I hope you continue to keep writing about all aspects of your life-I so miss the homeschool stuff that is always uplifting and challenging to me in my struggles to find ways to school 4 with significant cognitive and developmental disabilities, along with 3 healthy ones-God Bless You, dear friend!!!

  3. Susie

    I can relate! I have two things to add. I did pray for Christian women friends and got them, got into a Bible study with just 4 or 5 of us who’ve been meeting over 10 years. So keep asking 🙂
    Second, I also am really bad at sorting/labeling friends. I say “my husband’s friend” – well, we’ve been married 34 years, I think it’s my friend, too! Sheesh. I also am working to say “my friend” without other labels!

  4. Tamara

    I have not been reading blogs for awhile. I’m glad I found yours again. I did read both of your friend posts. I’m definitely fit with what you are talking about. Lately I have been very concerned that I’m without a support group should something happen and it really bothers me. At the same time I know Jesus will take care of us. I’m also slightly introverted and a thinker. My husband is similar. We are continually praying for friends to help us in our walk. My husband is from another country, and while it is a western nation there are differences and we have blended our lives. This is another thing that might really sort of scare people. I don’t understand it, but I have found it to be true. (ie..people are worried he’s a socialist…LOL) Especially if your thoughts/opinions stray slightly or perhaps a lot from the local strongly held opinions. I’ve met Christians in many countries who don’t hold the same thought on every issue that we do here in GA and yet they are most certainly Christians. So, there are many things that can really affect having friendships. I wish it were easier. The friends that I do have are very precious to me. Our best friends moved 1000 miles away 5 years ago. There has just been a huge hole in our lives ever since.
    I look forward to reading your blog again.


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