When we began our first adoption journey in August 2007, I became passionate about the orphans of the world. The Prez and I are now the proud parents of 4 children who were once orphans in China. We brought our first daughter home in September 2008; our two sons from China joined our family in June 2010; and our baby girl walked right into our crazy and large family in February 2012.

For anyone who has read the blog for any length of time, you know I’m into numbers or patterns and similarities. It was not lost on me as we neared travel for this last trip that we were looking at the SAME time between adoptions from 2008 to 2010 and then 2010 to 2012. As in, the exact same number of months from metcha day to metcha day to metcha day. WHOA. But as it turned out, things progressed more quickly than we ever imagined and instead of being the same exact number of months, this last one came in one month quicker than the last! So, 21 months from the day we met our big girl until we met our boys. Then, 20 months from the time we met our boys until we met baby girl.

In case you’re wondering … no plans for another metcha 19 months from February 2012, which would have been September 2013, exactly 5 years after we completed our first adoption. Momma is busy and Daddy is done, and the converse could be said as well! Actually we are both done and our family is absolutely, 100%, without a doubt COMPLETE. We think.

We do believe every Christ-following family should pray and ask God how you too can become involved in caring for the least of these: PRAY without ceasing, DO something, and BE somebody for orphans!

If you are considering adoption, please ask those you know who have adopted why they would or would not recommend their adoption agency(ies). I would be glad to share privately concerns I have about our former agency,  America World Adoption.

4 thoughts on “Adoption

  1. patinchina

    Sending my best wishes for you and your family. I travel to china at least twice per year to work in the orphanages as a pediatric PT and come back to advocate for waiting children. It’s so great for me to see how well you and your family is doing.

  2. Jennifer Peters

    Hi wee are adopting for the first time this spring. A little boy from China I would love to get some tips from you!


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