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I have a store at Teachers Pay Teachers, Page Protector Printables and More. I have developed all of the products in my store to use with my own children, who are also my students. I began my store almost two years ago when my youngest students–at the time–were entering first grade. For the school year 2014-2015, I have four students in 10th grade, 3rd grade, 3rd grade and PreK. You will find items useful for children from preschool through middle school in my store!

I hope you’ll visit my store where you’ll find unique products designed to be used with multiple ages and abilities to fit the many needs within a diverse classroom! Just click on the green text above to visit my store!

RoundPPPLogoI donate 10% of net income from my store to two organizations: ACT Missions and Love Without Boundaries Unity Initiative. Some months I split my earnings while other months I might donate to just one of them; it just depends on how the Lord leads me! You can read more about these organizations by clicking on the photos below or the links above.
Love Without Boundaries Unity Initiative


America World Adoption ACT Missions
Step Into Their Story


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