Homeschooling High School {9th Grade 2015-2016}

This year, we have TWO high schoolers in the house! Our 2nd oldest son, aka Larry, 15, is in 9th grade, and our oldest son, aka Curly, 16, is in 11th grade. For this post, I will outline Larry’s coursework only. Please go HERE to see Curly’s 11th grade coursework, some of which overlaps what you will see here because they are taking courses at the same two tutorials.


We are venturing into new territory this year with signing up our older three learners—Curly, Larry and Mo, 13 and in 7th grade—to attend a second tutorial in addition to the one we’ve been attending several years. So, they will be in classes with peers and teachers other than me outside our home on 2 days a week. I will be honest and say I’m quite excited about this, and I think they are OK with it as well. It will be a challenge as they will have less days at home to be responsible for 6-7 classes each, but between the two tutorials all of their classes are covered and they will be responsible to teachers other than me as well.

Below is a list of the classes Larry will take for 9th grade:

  • AP World History/Geography (2 credits course)*
  • Spanish I*
  • Algebra 1*
  • English I*
  • Biology (plus LAB class)**
  • Psychology (1 Semester, .5 credit)**
  • Apologetics (1 Semester, .5 credit)**
  • Physical Education (e.g. Public School Shooting Sports Team [Spring], Boy Scouts)

*Classes at Tuesday Tutorial
**Classes at Thursday Tutorial

He will receive 7 credits toward his 22 credits needed for high school graduation. This is a huge transition year as our son, who came home from China 5 years ago—July 2010, ventures into high school. We are extremely proud of the young man he’s becoming and he works extremely hard on his coursework. He was in public school last year for 8th grade and was one of the top learners academically in his grade, but the school he attended wasn’t academically challenging. This year will require more of him than has ever been required before academically, but he has firmly decided he wants to attend college so we’re doing our best to prepare him for that path.

Now, I will break it down with more specifics if for no other reason than to have a record here to refer back to as we progress through the year. I hope some readers may find it helpful! I have provided links to the books he will be using in the courses.

Before I get started with books, here are our state’s high school graduation requirements for those on a college prep course:

Total Credits: 22

  • Math: 4 credits – Including Algebra I, II, Geometry and a fourth higher level math course (Students must be enrolled in a mathematics course each school year.)
  • English: 4 credits
  • Science: 3 credits – Including Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and a third lab course
  • Social Studies: 3 credits
  • Physical Education and Wellness: 1.5 credits
  • Personal Finance: 0.5 credits
  • Foreign Language: 2 credits
  • Fine Arts: 1 credit – May be waived for students not going to a University to expand and enhance the elective focus
  • Elective Focus: 3 credits – Math and Science, Career and Technical Education, Fine Arts, Humanities, Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB)


History: {AP World History/Geography}* {1.5 Social Studies Credit/3}


• Larry will be taking this course at the Tuesday Tutorial.
• After visiting the tutorial open house and meeting the teacher, I will NOT be supplementing this course with more resources, because the teacher has put together an extremely thorough course. We will go forth with the plan to sign Larry up for the AP World History exam and possibly the AP Human Geography exam as well. These texts are worth every penny for one, college credit possibility, and two, the EXPERIENCE of test-taking.


World History & Geography, Jackson Spielvogel


Math: Algebra 1 {1 Math Credit/4}


• The new tutorial the boys are attending uses Teaching Textbooks as the spine, and truth be told I have used it in years past. The Prez was super impressed with the math tutors the boys will have at the Tuesday Tutorial.
• With TT, all of the grading is done for me and they must go in order (not an issue for Curly) and the tutorial class will cover the more difficult concepts. I’m excited for them to have an actual class connected with their math.


Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1



Science {1 Lab Science Credit/3}


• Larry is looking forward to Biology and he loves to study science.
• He will be using the same publisher for this course that Curly used for Chemistry and Chemistry II and that we use for science courses throughout their elementary schooling.


Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd Edition
Lab Notebook

IMG_5525 - Version 2


English I {1 English Credit/4}


• He will be taking language arts course at the Tuesday Tutorial. I dropped him down a level, but I feel it will be where he needs to be. His written language has come SO FAR in five years, and I am confident he will be able to be college-bound in 3 more years! I used to wonder if writing would hold him back from that but not anymore!

• I am not adding any Grammar or other Language Mechanics resources to his coursework this year. He is required to write extensively for this course anyway and grammar and mechanics are covered as well.

• He will be reading two works of literature for the course as well.



180 Easy Grammar Lessons 8th Grade Student Text
Total Language Plus The Giver
Total Language Plus Johnny Tremain
The Giver (on order! of course it’s the one he needs THIS semester)
Johnny Tremain

Spanish I {1 Foreign Language Credit/2}


• He isn’t thrilled but he has to do this to graduate, and he will be taking the course at our new tutorial. I am thrilled he and Curly have each other as built-in study buddies for this course!


• The teacher will be providing the coursework for this course.


 Physical Fitness (.5 Credit/1.5)

• Boy Scouts: Working toward 1st Class rank by school year’s end

• Farm Work

Total Credits: 7 Credits/22 {15 Remaining}

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