**The following was posted on my original blog at Room for at Least One More three years ago today, February 5, 2012, the day we met our baby girl Li’L Bit. GOD IS SO GREAT!!!**

AMAZING!!! is one way to describe it!!!

The appointment was very different than the one we had in Chongqing. I will say we were completely unprepared for how LONG the appointment would be. We left the hotel at 4:15 p.m. and did not get back until almost 8 p.m. We not only signed the harmonious agreement but also the adoption papers. Usually you are given one day to decided for sure if you want to adopt the child. It didn’t matter to us as we already decided no matter what, but it was sort of strange to be required to sign and post date a form. Like I said it was very different but we all survived and the kids all handled it well. Yes, we were all starving and the babies were beyond starving. We needless to say ordered room service! A club sandwich never tasted so good!

She is SO SMART and just a little live wire! It is hilarious how well she is receiving all of the attention from her brothers and sister. She is eating it up. She is a MOMMA’S GIRL it would seem!

I have to help get her to sleep so I will post more later. She has been happy until now. She is scared I’m sure. 🙁 We are so blessed!!!!





I will post some more later! I am one happy Mommy and so is Daddy and big brothers and big sister!


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