Disney World 2014: On Our Way

I never blogged about our trip to Disney World in February 2014. Now that my blog is all spruced up, I am going to blog … about whatever I want. Since the Prez and I have been talking about going back to Disney World next February, I have been perusing our photos. So, on February 5 and 6, we finished up the packing and loading of the camper for an afternoon departure on February 7. All Disney trips require some staging of the camper: past photos on the walls; Disney-themed toothpaste; band-aids, and spaghettios; and of course Disney movies!Disney2014.1We knew we would stay overnight halfway down, and we found that Georgia rest areas have designated camping spots WITH dump stations and electricity! We drove well into Georgia before stopping for the night, so we could be to DW by late afternoon the next day. Before we left, we gave each of the children a goody bag with snacks, things to do, books, etc. We ate breakfast at the Cracker Barrel before heading out for the second half of the drive, and it was COLD. We arrived to a cool and WET afternoon at Fort Wilderness, but not to fear the rest of the week was warm and sunny!


Later that night, we had dinner with some very important people: Mimi and PopPop and Grammy and Papa. About 9 months before we took this trip, the Prez came home one evening saying he had a convention to go to in Orlando AT Disney World. I was there! He didn’t have to convince me. About 3 months later, I mentioned to him that I thought we should invite our parents, and so we did! I’m so glad we did as it was a once-in-a-lifetime trip to have all four of our parents (and our kids’ grandparents) there with us at the most magical place on earth!


The first night we had dinner at Mimi and PopPop’s cabin in the Fort. We had our camper and my parents had their camper. Mimi made a delicious spaghetti supper, and we all enjoyed a recap of the next day’s schedule! And yes, true to form, I made a daily schedule for this trip too. It is the ONLY way to do Disney, especially with 12 people in a group as we had on this trip.


As you can see from the schedule, our first day was spent at Epcot, which I will share about in the next post.


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