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Reading Is Fundamental

Not sure how it happened that my baby girl is to be reading, but she’s 5 1/2 and so very smart and has the desire to learn which is so vital to success. She LOVES our one-on-one time together with our Phonics book and honing in on those skills with some resources I’ve made for her to use and interact with in a way that fosters a love of learning! I will share about those resources as well as some other learning tools we use in our kindergarten reading adventures. I chose the title for this post, because I do believe with all of my heart that if we as teachers nurture the love of learning through developing good readers they sky truly is the limit! If you can read, you can learn anything really!

While I don’t employ the use of screens for very long periods of time, we do use screens everyday in our classroom. It is where we find ourselves today as a society, and if I’m being completely honest and why not … I need to use the screens to keep the proverbial wheels of progress turning with six students grades 11 down to kindergarten.


Li’l Bit loves to watch these videos from time to time. Now they are for review purposes only as she has a solid grasp of letter sounds for both the consonants and vowels. I highly recommend this little series because the videos are 30 minutes or less in length and they are engaging without adding unnecessary fluff to them. I purchased ours with a groupon code about a year ago, and they are well worth the $35 I paid for the entire set. Continue reading


Book Talk Linky {The Wind in the Willows}

My eyeballs are not cooperating, but I’m going to attempt to keep them open to finish up this post! The littles and I finished reading about Louis and his lovely life in The Trumpet of the Swan, so it was time to choose a new read-aloud. I decided to try reading one we attempted before. They are older now and they also saw the play for this at a specialty Children’s Theater. We’ve read just two chapters, but they ask us to keep reading when it is time to stop, which is always a positive sign!

photo 4

I really like this little version we found at the nearby Dollar store. It has wonderful black-and-white illustrations and the type is larger for little eyes to focus!

photo 2

photo 1

I think we’ll finish this in about 2 weeks, but as always I will read as time allows. I do highly recommend a live play of this book if you ever have opportunity. I’m linking up with Mrs. Jump’s Class this week.