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Keeping Busy with Baby Chicks

We raise chickens. We didn’t plan to really. We fell into it through a program called the Chick Chain with a local 4H Club. Our then 9-year-old son received 25 one-day-old chicks to raise for about 4 months with the agreement he’d bring his 5 best to the local County Fair. These chicks would then be auctioned to the highest bidder, and those funds used to buy chicks the following year for the program. What we didn’t expect is our son Mo received the Reserve Grand Champion award, which meant his chickens were the 2nd best of the show.


And from that moment on we were all hooked! I’m sad to say Mo’s affection for the chickens has worn off, but me and our three Littles love to care for them and they offer me a form of therapy honestly. There is just something therapeutic about watching them interact and to learn their language. They actually DO have different clucks and calls that mean different things. Now I’m not a chicken nor do I speak chicken, but I do understand a lot of their language. I come running out the back door for instance if I hear our rooster sending out a distress call, and I now know why our grandmas used to say “Now don’t go getting your feathers all ruffled” because I’m here to tell you the ladies most definitely DO ruffle those feathers at a certain time … or rather, after a certain event involving the rooster. Continue reading


A Flower for You!

I hear this often. How precious is that?


Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Some may say its a weed regarding certain “flowers” I’m given, but they are pretty and who is to say what is a weed and what is a flower!


All of these were picked, grown, or arranged by one (or more) of my three little children: Li’l Bro is 9, Li’l Miss is 8, and Li’l Bit is 4 (currently).IMG_1075

Hope your day is equally blessed and filled with love!



Blessedly. Busy.

I really try to update here. It seems life gets in the way. But that is a good thing, no?

I am blessedly. Busy.

Spending time at the creek with our children … and watching our oldest and youngest son enjoy fishing together … and watching our Papa try to keep up with the grandchildren, which he actually can! Not bad for 70+ years old!





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Is Spending Time in the Outdoors a Lost Art?

Recently, I read about how some states don’t allow the loss of recess for behavior management while others still allow it. I can’t even imagine the huge responsibility today’s teachers have to manage classrooms and the behavior struggles of some of their students, but I do tend to agree that recess and time OUTSIDE is GOOD for students and shouldn’t be taken away. This infographic below doesn’t speak well for America in regards to physical activity for schoolchildren.


When I informed my 14YO son, who will be entering 8th grade, that there is no recess at school, he was speechless. In China, where he attended school until age 10, they were given a 2-hour break each day plus they went outside twice a day no matter the temperature or weather. Exercise is very important to the Chinese people, so it isn’t something they’re willing to give up even at school.

We don’t call it recess here, rather we call it “GET OUTSIDE! NOW!”

OK, I exaggerate. I don’t always say that, but I do send them outside and I engage with them outside too. Like today, when I took 4 of our 6 children down to the creek. Li’l Miss and Li’l Bit made a wading pool and searched for found objects like Indian money (or fossils) and feathers and smoothed glass that was once a shard but has been smoothed on the edges by the constant running water of the creek.

My oldest son and youngest son took their fishing poles and both caught some fish. They showed their sisters how to safely grab a fish without getting spiked by his fins, and they observed the differences between the fish they caught.


Not only that, we were all out in the sun gathering some vitamin K. When we’re outside, we do wear the appropriate sunblock, but our bodies do naturally need things the sunshine provides in moderation.

We also pick fresh veggies and fruit, take care of them, and tend to animals and our property while outside as well. I don’t have any photos I can find of us playing football or riding bikes, because I’m often in the middle of the mix. My point is that I do think time in the outdoors has so many benefits.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. I know for many if not most classroom teachers, you aren’t given a choice but are rather told what time outdoors is and how long it is: please share if you feel more is needed or less or how the allotted time outdoors you and your class are given affects the school day.


Living Off the Land

I know, another post about canning. And fresh, REAL food.


I do feel super blessed at the bounty we’ve had this week. Including dozens of eggs, even some from our spring chicks! So exciting!



I’ve canned 16 quarts of corn, which will taste SO GOOD this winter.


I’ve cooked so much fresh food.

I will be canning tomatoes tomorrow.


Last night, I cut up some yellow squash and fried it. YUM. I have fried green tomatoes as well. I know, fried food, but really I fry it in olive oil and with a very light corn meal breading. What’s not to love?


photo 3

Cabbage and Corned Beef, Fresh Black-eyed Peas, Fried Green Tomatoes

Let’s chat: What is your favorite summer meal or fresh vegetable?



Five for Friday {Tastes of Summer!}


I’m linking up again with DoodleBug Teaching for her Five for Friday Linky Party. Lately I seem to be late. I’m posting this on the 4th though as I started it that night!

This past week has been full of berry picking, canning blackberry jam and taking pics of my four from China on the Fourth while our other two (and the Prez) were at their last day of Scout Camp.

1. Blackberry Picking on the HOTTEST day of the summer.

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Rest In Peace Snowflake

Some parenting stuff is just plain hard. I found myself asking God last night, Why did it have to be THIS one?



I know, she was just a chicken, a beautiful feather-legged lady, but still just a backyard bird. But to our sweet Li’l Miss, she was so much more. She loved that girl so much!

She was a great hen, mothering four little chicks the Prez brought home one Saturday when she was still just a chick herself. She followed them everywhere. Right into the edge of the woods late yesterday afternoon.

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Living Off the Land

One of the joys of our little piece of the Earth is the fact we have more room to grow food, raise egg-laying chickens, and find special treats like lots and lots of wild blackberries.

Our neighbors down the road have bees and the best honey we’ve ever eaten. We will definitely be back by their house for more!










Curly spotted this brand-new fawn in the tall grass he was about to cut with the tractor and mower attachment. We all just watched it several minutes and some of us did touch it. The momma did return before nightfall to move her baby! So precious!


Canning Fresh Vegetables

Really. What is not to love? Curly and I canned this afternoon!

photo 1

He made my Granny’s Sour Pickle recipe with his first batch of cucumbers. We’re still waiting on the dill to grow large enough to begin cutting it, so he made the sour pickles. They are yummy!

photo 2

I made a tangy batch of pickled yellow and zucchini squash. They also have onions and peppers in there! I’m just so thankful all of the seals worked! Now we just wait and then we’ll enjoy!

photo 3

photo 4

Two of our sons have been finding blackberries around the property. We knew they were here, but they are producing fruit, and we are hopeful to make some blackberry jam later in the season!

I’m beginning to wonder if anyone is out there? 😀 What do you like to make in your kitchen? Please do share in the comments!